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Cartola !

Frequently asked questions: 

What is the price of the subscription?

There are four modalities of the subscription: a one-off option, and three-, six- and twelve-month periods.

Once upon a time... is for those who just wish to dip their toes. Starting with a minimum of 20 Euros, you will get a one-time choice curated by Tinta nos Nervos.

With Thrice upon a time... you will get our package for a period of three months, which is renewable. 66 € option

With Six upon a time... you will get our package for a period of six months, which is renewable. 126 € option

With A year upon a time... you will get our package for a period of twelve months, which is renewable. 246 € option

What are the advantages of the subscription?

The pleasure of surprise, every time you find out about an author, an art, a text, as if it was a tip from a friend.

How do you make the curated, tailor-made selection?

The client who signs up to this subscription will fill a little questionnaire, making up a profile, which will instruct us in our choices. We will be attentive to the kinds of books you choose, the areas and interests, the languages you read, the age range (if adequate), and other details that may help us in knowing the client and guide our fine choice.

Is it possible to return or change a book choice?

If you already have one of the titles we’re sending you, as long as it’s still in its pristine state, bring it over and you can swap it for another.

What kinds of books will you include in the Cartola! subscription?

Tinta nos Nervos is a specialised bookstore. We carry books of and on graphic arts, draughtmanship, illustration, children’s books, comics and graphic novels for all audiences, books on both historical and contemporary authors and other visual arts. We have mostly contemporary books, but we also have classics and even antiquities. Most of books are in Portuguese, English and French, but we also have a selection of Spanish and Italian language books, sometimes even other languages. We have both rarities and high-end books, unique editions and artist’s books, but also small press and zine titles. The curated selection will act upon all of this material, guided by the selected subscrition and the profile of the client.

How many books will I get per month?

Our commitment is for you to get at least one book per month. Nevertheless, we hope to be able to include other books or even goodies from our own production or from our partners, every time it’s possible.

When do I get the books?

The books are shipped every first week of the month. When you subscribe, we will ship your first subscription pack in the first week of the following month. Here's an example: if you subscribe, register and pay in November, whatever the day, we will ship your first pack in the first week of December. The only exception is with the Once upon a time... subscritpion option, which is shipped within the 5 working days after payment. Within continental Portugal, our average for deliveries is two working days.

Is this subscription available outside of Portugal?

At this point in time, the option we’re presenting is only for the national territory. We will come up with an international subscription plan soon enough. Still, if you want to participate as soon as possible and test our abilities, drop us a line, tell us where you live, and we can get back to you with a custom package fee.

Can I show your selection in my social media feeds when I get it?

Please do, using #cartoladatinta

Can I encourage my friends to subscribe to this?

Not can! SHOULD!

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