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Zzzzzzzzz de André Ruivo.

Zzzzzzzzz de André Ruivo. 52 páginas. Capa brochada. 26x26cm, Stolen Books, 2019,

“In these fifty-two drawings, all but the cover one in black, a continuous outline defines the characters that are, in the majority of cases, the only elements of the composition. If, on the one hand, the almost geometrical linearity of these drawings draws them closer to cartoons; on the other hand, this simplification shows the interior dispositions of the figures and their bodies movements. Absorbed, closed in on themselves, asleep or enraptured, the figures represent the singularity of the states of mind. It is during these moments they escape the world and, simultaneously, sometimes fall into sleep; on other occasions, they are held, intertwined by their peers, in a mutual drifting dance.”
Por/by Catarina Alfaro